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Downloads and Code Snippets

Welcome to my downloads and code snippets page. Here I will be posting code and files related to video tutorials that I do on YouTube. Unless otherwise specified, please feel free to use these downloads in your projects with no restrictions. I will be adding to these as time goes on. If there is a file or some code from a particular video that you are interested in, please mention it in the comments section of that video. All downloads are in zip format with txt and other files inside.

Click the file description to download the file or click the video name to watch the video.

If you're looking for a particular download and don't see it, please ask and I may be able to find it. This is mostly for older videos.

Disclaimer / No Guarantee:Use these files at your own risk.

Date Video File
2022-09-20 Data Macros in Microsoft Access Zipped .accdb file.
2022-09-13 Modify a Simple Machine Learning Script for Use with Your Data Zipped .py, .csv files.
2022-09-06 How to Integrate Machine Learning into Microsoft Access Applications Zipped .accdb, .bat, .py, .csv files.
2022-09-02 How to Use Python to Build an Artificial Neural Network for Classification Zipped .bat, .py, .csv files.
2022-08-30 How to Run Scripts and Open Other Applications from MS Access Using VBA Zipped .accdb, .bat, .vbs, .py, .html files.
2022-08-26 How to Use Snowpark Dataframes in Python Zipped .txt file.
2022-08-23 How to Make a Multi-Term Search Form and Report in MS Access Zipped .accdb file.
2022-08-23 How to Make a Multi-Term Search Form and Report in MS Access Zipped .accdb file. (Subform version)
2022-08-19 How to Use Dates in SQLite with Python Python procedure in zipped .txt
2022-08-16 How to Delete Duplicate Records in MS Access VBA procedure in zipped .txt
2022-08-12 How to Get Started with Snowpark for Python on Snowflake Python procedure in zipped .txt
2022-08-03 How to Create In and Out Listboxes in Microsoft Access Zipped .accdb file.
2022-07-26 How to Create and Modify QueryDefs Programmatically in your MS Access Database Zipped .accdb file.